Melaleuca, Home for the Aged


AUGUST Newsletter Extract

Melaleuca was successful in the competitive tender. We secured $738,000 to build a therapy and activity centre. This centre will incorporate a new front entrance that will be connected via a sheltered walkway from the main building to the new centre situated into the front car park area.                      

Currently Melaleuca has no dedicated areas for social activities such as bingo, games and other entertainment and functions. We currently utilize shared areas such as lounges and our dining room to provide leisure and lifestyle activities. Naturally this has impact on other residents that do not partake in these activities and therefore makes it difficult to co-ordinate activities within the facility that are non-intrusive. Additionally, staff often “invade” these shared areas whilst leisure and lifestyle activities are in progress. This is not intentional as staff are merely going about their daily duties and often require to pass through the shared lounges to get from one area to another.

The new structure would be a “stand-alone” dedicated area that would encompass:

  • Wheelchair friendly access
  • Vehicle access with wet weather “drop-off” and “pick-up” points,
  • Toilet facilities including disability access,
  • Storage space for leisure and lifestyle equipment etc…
  • A small dining area and kitchenette for social dining / coffee etc.
  • An exercise area / gymnasium for the younger disabled residents
  • A sensory room for residents to reminisce the senses:
  • Multi media outlets for screening movies, provide internet access etc…
  • A covered walk way joining the new extension to the facility entrance point.
  • A childrens play area for visitors children.

The building itself would be a large “open environment” where large groups could assemble for group activities and/or meetings. Groups of up to 100 people could assemble in the event of an extreme emergency and/or evacuation. The will also include community access when required or requested by community groups who may need a facility to conduct meetings, training or other activities.

The main focus of the facility would be for Melaleuca to have a dedicated area that we can utilize for leisure and lifestyle activities for our residents. The activities will include games, exercise, social activities, meetings, music therapy and other forms of entertainment provided by various other community groups and professionals. Melaleuca would also utilize the facility as a training venue and meeting / assembly point for various activities.

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