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AUGUST Newsletter Extract

The football tipping is getting exciting. The scores are so close and the tension between the team rivals is amusing to watch. During the next few weeks, the scores will not be published. This adds to the excitement.     The final results, (our Brownlow), will be announced at our annual awards afternoon on September 10th.

We have welcomed new people into our home this month. They have been joining us in the dining room for lunch. It feels so warm and friendly and we have so much fun.  Music, quizzes, trivia and jokes can be heard from the dining room each day. Everyone is most welcome. Just arrange to be helped to the dining room by the staff.

Alex, “the guitar lady”, our music therapist, had us in a circle waving and shaking a colourful parachute around, singing songs. We had lots of fun. We have Music Reflections during the month where we sing behind closed doors. We may even have a concert one day. Alex comes in every Monday at 2.30.

Di Godrich said she will be back this month to play her cheerful tunes for us, so watch out for the August calendar for all the month’s in house activities.

The community bus has been a wonderful addition. Our outings have a good feeling now because we arrive at the venues together and are able to share our experiences in the bus during the trip. We went to Furner’s hotel in Ulverstone for our outing this month and the food was lovely.

For our August outing we are going to Shiploads, K& D hardware and McDonald’s. Let’s hope for good weather and some bargains and volunteers to help on the day.

Mozz O’Sullivan is the new Anglican church Minister for the Devonport area. We have invited him to come to Melaleuca to introduce himself and to get to know the people that would like to see him on occasions or regularly. This will happen some time this month. Some people have already been asked. If you would like to be included please let Roselle know.

Roselle & Angela

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