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Fairer means testing arrangements for residential aged care

In order to ensure the sustainability of the aged care system so that all Australians get the care that they need, the Government will strengthen the means testing arrangements for people entering residential care from 1 July 2014. It will combine the current income and asset tests to ensure a consistent fees policy. This will address the issue of asset-rich, income-poor residents paying for all of their accommodation and nothing for care, and the income-rich, asset-poor residents paying for their care but not for accommodation.

The treatment of the family home will not change. It will continue to be exempt from the aged care assets test if occupied by a spouse or other protected person. An annual cap of $25 000 will apply to a resident's mean tested contribution to their care costs, together with a lifetime cap of $60 000. These amounts will be indexed.

The changes will improve the fairness and sustainability of the aged care financing arrangements, with strong safeguards to ensure access to care for those who cannot afford to contribute to the cost of their care and accommodation. The new means testing arrangements for residential care will ensure greater fairness and consistency in how older Australians access the services they need.


Wanted: Volunteers!

Are you looking to do something worthwhile and help others?

At Melaleuca we are searching for volunteers who are able to spare some time each week. You can assist in a number of ways, including (but not limited to):

* assisting with delivering meals

* undertaking activities with residents e.g. crafts, games, cooking, bus trips etc. 

* assisting residents to attend appointments

* chatting one on one with residents

Or anything else you may think of. 

So, if you enjoy spending time with others and would like to join our wonderful group of volunteers please give us a call today - 6427 9131.

Evidence of a national police check and a COVID vaccination is required. 

Visitation Restrictions

Due to COVID-19 there are current restrictions around visitation to aged care facilities. These restrictions are implemented from a Directive of Public Health. They are about ensuring the safety of vulnerable residents in aged care.

Malelaueca Home is committed to providing visitation in accordance with the current Public Health Directive. 

The restrictions have reduced significantly which is pleasing. Visitors are no longer required to book in advance. Visits during office hours Monday to Friday can occur anytime from 9.00am-4.00pm. Weekend visitation entry times remain at 10.30am and 2.30pm; this is so staff can ensure visitors complete the compulsory questions required from Public Health on entry to the Home.

For further information around the requirements to visit a resident in our Home please contact our office.

Palliative Care Bed

Did you know that Melaleuca Home for the Aged has a specifically designed room  for Palliative Care? This room was opened in December 2018.

We recognise the importance of family and friends being able to share quality time with their loved one nearing the end of their life.  Our room provides a private space that is comfortable and home-like, offering additional amenities like a kitchenette and small lounge space for  extra comfort.

This bed is one of our 48 residential care beds that we offer. 

Melaleuca Activity Centre available for Hire


The Melaleuca Activity Centre is available to community groups and members for hire.

The facility offers a large space suitable for events, meetings or general gatherings. It is not available for weddings or parties.

There is also a kitchenette available for use should this be required.

For all enquiries please contact the office on 6427 9131.


Staff held a garage sale on Saturday 21st October in the Activities Centre here at Melaleuca. This was a very successful event with $1415 raised.

Thank you to all of those people that donated their items and supported this event.

A big thank you to those staff that donated their time on the Saturday to run the garage sale.  All funds raised from this event will go into our comfort fund for our residents.


The Friends of Melaleuca held a cabaret evening on Saturday the 14th October.  This was very well attended with over 80 people enjoying the evening of local talented musicians. 

There was a house band, cabaret singing along with plenty of dancing. An extensive supper was provided and enjoyed by all.

Not only was this a successful event in terms of enjoyment but also in relation to the funds raised for our new palliative care room to be opened in the middle of next year.  The Friends of Melaleuca raised $3500 with this event.

Congratulations to each and every one of them and a big thank you to those people that supported this event as well.


On 12 March 2014 the National Privacy Principles will be replaced by new Australian Privacy Principles (APPs).

The NEW Principles (APP) are more comprehensive than the old regime, and impose additional requirements which providers and agencies must comply with.

Melaleuca has developed new Informations Sheets for your information for all new staff, volunteers, students and residents.

If you would like a new version …please approach Margaret or Bill and we will provide you with our latest information.

Leisure & Lifestyle News

AUGUST Newsletter Extract

The football tipping is getting exciting. The scores are so close and the tension between the team rivals is amusing to watch. During the next few weeks, the scores will not be published. This adds to the excitement.     The final results, (our Brownlow), will be announced at our annual awards afternoon on September 10th.

We have welcomed new people into our home this month. They have been joining us in the dining room for lunch. It feels so warm and friendly and we have so much fun.  Music, quizzes, trivia and jokes can be heard from the dining room each day. Everyone is most welcome. Just arrange to be helped to the dining room by the staff.

Alex, “the guitar lady”, our music therapist, had us in a circle waving and shaking a colourful parachute around, singing songs. We had lots of fun. We have Music Reflections during the month where we sing behind closed doors. We may even have a concert one day. Alex comes in every Monday at 2.30.

Di Godrich said she will be back this month to play her cheerful tunes for us, so watch out for the August calendar for all the month’s in house activities.

The community bus has been a wonderful addition. Our outings have a good feeling now because we arrive at the venues together and are able to share our experiences in the bus during the trip. We went to Furner’s hotel in Ulverstone for our outing this month and the food was lovely.

For our August outing we are going to Shiploads, K& D hardware and McDonald’s. Let’s hope for good weather and some bargains and volunteers to help on the day.

Mozz O’Sullivan is the new Anglican church Minister for the Devonport area. We have invited him to come to Melaleuca to introduce himself and to get to know the people that would like to see him on occasions or regularly. This will happen some time this month. Some people have already been asked. If you would like to be included please let Roselle know.

Roselle & Angela


AUGUST Newsletter Extract

Melaleuca was successful in the competitive tender. We secured $738,000 to build a therapy and activity centre. This centre will incorporate a new front entrance that will be connected via a sheltered walkway from the main building to the new centre situated into the front car park area.                      

Currently Melaleuca has no dedicated areas for social activities such as bingo, games and other entertainment and functions. We currently utilize shared areas such as lounges and our dining room to provide leisure and lifestyle activities. Naturally this has impact on other residents that do not partake in these activities and therefore makes it difficult to co-ordinate activities within the facility that are non-intrusive. Additionally, staff often “invade” these shared areas whilst leisure and lifestyle activities are in progress. This is not intentional as staff are merely going about their daily duties and often require to pass through the shared lounges to get from one area to another.

The new structure would be a “stand-alone” dedicated area that would encompass:

  • Wheelchair friendly access
  • Vehicle access with wet weather “drop-off” and “pick-up” points,
  • Toilet facilities including disability access,
  • Storage space for leisure and lifestyle equipment etc…
  • A small dining area and kitchenette for social dining / coffee etc.
  • An exercise area / gymnasium for the younger disabled residents
  • A sensory room for residents to reminisce the senses:
  • Multi media outlets for screening movies, provide internet access etc…
  • A covered walk way joining the new extension to the facility entrance point.
  • A childrens play area for visitors children.

The building itself would be a large “open environment” where large groups could assemble for group activities and/or meetings. Groups of up to 100 people could assemble in the event of an extreme emergency and/or evacuation. The will also include community access when required or requested by community groups who may need a facility to conduct meetings, training or other activities.

The main focus of the facility would be for Melaleuca to have a dedicated area that we can utilize for leisure and lifestyle activities for our residents. The activities will include games, exercise, social activities, meetings, music therapy and other forms of entertainment provided by various other community groups and professionals. Melaleuca would also utilize the facility as a training venue and meeting / assembly point for various activities.

June Newsletter

June… the football tipping is going well and the competition is rife.

We have seen a lot of new faces around our home this month. The new rooms are filling up and the dining room has more tables and chairs waiting for more people to dine out for lunch.

Fred was truly amazing on the 6th. He entertained us for our happy hour. He presented each song and sang all of them well. The Music Reflection’s ladies did a great job in backing by clapping and swaying to the music and Alex played her guitar.

Family Day care has had a big change of children. We had all the toddlers that are just learning the songs and games that Jill teaches them. Jill will keep us informed on the progress of the big kids that have just started school.

21st saw the opening of the new area, with lots of distinguished people, cameras and speeches being made. Did you see the plaque dedicated to Dianne Warren’s service to Melaleuca? It’s in the new area and it’s called “The Warren” we think it’s a great idea.

Our music therapist Alex “the guitar lady” arranged with the men of Grenoch and Melaleuca to meet and have a radio session “The Residents” are heard on 96.9 fm on Thursday morning at 10:30am and Sunday at 3:00pm.

We had a lovely bus trip to Deloraine; the sunshine, the animals in the paddocks, laughter and good company. Lunch was welcomed after we arrived later than planned and good conversation took up the rest of the afternoon. What a great day we had. We promised to see them again in the near future.

Coffee morning was well attended this month and the cakes we are served are lovely. We used some of our saved money to buy some great gifts for Dianne’s retirement.

Lots of exciting things happening in June! Don’t forget to check the calendar.

 You may also be aware that the new wing will be known as “The Warren”. The plaque says it all.

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